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JC & Hotel Bourg Tibourg

JC & Hotel Bourg Tibourg

2015 has begun and it began well!

The most elegant intimist hotel in the French capital, the Bourg Tibourg Hotel has asked Jessica Choay to dress their team.

It is not a surprise that the hotel decorated by Jacques Garcia retrieved a little of itself into JC’s brand. Sensual, mysteriously hidden, wonderfully scented are only a few words to described the atmosphere emanating from its premises.

“It has been an instant mutual crush, an obvious fact, we were going to do something together”

It all started on New Year’s eve : the Bourg Tibourg’s girls alluring as the “Dominant”, the “Enigmatic”, “the Venerated” during a cosy cocktail at the hotel.

The instant success exceeded all expectations and soon the Bourg Tibourg and JC gave birth to their first lifestyle partnership.

JC’s women will be incarnated again from March 1st.

You are welcome to sneak in!

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