Lavish yet understated. Self-possessed but, somehow, incredibly seductive. 

Such are the words one might use to describe the world of Jessica Choay.

It all began as an experiment from a small atelier in milan.
By mixing exquisite materials with an artful display of craftsmanship, the result was a repertoire of few, distinguished pieces. Soon, Choay’s very exclusive but loyal clientele was begging for more, and 2011 saw the label’s official launch.

Elements of floating fabrics and transparencies thread both through the ready-to-wear collection and the lingerie capsule lines, in a constant playful and seductive game of hide and show. Timeless, each collection seems to transcend the concept of seasons.

With every piece, Jessica Choay invites you to step through the looking glass and revel in the mystery of what has now become a second skin.




An alluring second skin…

Italy, this magical, cultural yet perfect country of design which counts many artisans and ateliers is where the whole process of the Jessica Choay collection takes place.
Finest silks selected with care around lake Como, exquisite lace from France, experienced tailors, all contributing to make every single design unique, just a few miles away from milan.

All produced in small quantities to keep quality at the highest standards.



Just like a collector who carefully searches for particular items, Jessica draws her inspiration from the hidden, the extraordinary, the unique.

With every new collection her discoveries are pieced together in the form of a fashion narrative.

Her own story in fashion began with a romantic escapade to Italy. When the time came to leave, Jessica decided to stay and graduate from the prestigious European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan. It was there where she would take her first steps into the industry, learning from the likes of Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabanna.
Despite her intention to gain further experience, as her own visions came into fruition private buyers started knocking at her door, followed by international stores interested in her pieces.

In 2013, Jessica relocated to London. This Parisian designer can, however, still be found travelling the world, always in search of inspiration.