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The Brand

the brand

lavish yet understated. Self-possessed but, somehow, incredibly seductive. Such are the words one might use to describe the world of Jessica all began as an experiment from a small atelier in Milan. By mixing exquisite materials with an artful display of craftsmanship, the result was a repertoire of few, distinguished pieces. Soon, Choay’s very exclusive but loyal clientele was begging for more, and 2011 saw the label’s official launch.

elements of Floating fabrics and transparencies thread both through the ready-to-wear Collection and the lingerie capsule lines, in a constant playful and seductive game of hide and show. Timeless, each collection seems to transcend the concept of seasons.

with every piece, Jessica Choay invites you to step through the looking glass and revel in the mystery of what has now become a second skin.


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